Our story

How XXL Solutions started

Insight from our founder and CEO, Ursula Silling:

I have been working in the aviation and travel industry for more than 20 years. I started from scratch, during studies, with Delta Airlines, a Lufthansa regional subsidiary during my studies. I later worked for various airlines and also aviation IT providers (British Airways Group, TUI Group, Virgin Group, Lufthansa Group and more), various business models in different markets - but always in extremely competitive environments.

I realised early how important customer focus was, and how important technology was to be able to implement the commercial strategies we wanted to apply to increase our competitiveness and our revenue. I was always driving continuous improvement, “can`t do” was not acceptable, creativity and innovation was key.

In 2010 I founded XXL Solutions to support the industry with the wide experience gained, and to foster customer focus, transformation and innovation to be ahead in the digital era. Since then, we have been working with a number of customers globally, and we keep developing new ideas to help and move forward.

Watch our 3 minute video to get an idea of our portfolio.

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Things we like



start ups and innovative tech companies

doing things differently


blockchain & artificial intelligence

game changers



The big opportunity today is that technology is out there to enable everything we want to do - for reasonable cost. It is just about being smart, having courage and setting the right priorities. We are passionate about customer, innovation, technology and helping to make things happen in the digital age. (Ursula Silling, Founder & CEO at XXL Solutions)

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XXL Solutions is more than a consultancy. We are a group of professionals who are committed to help our customers succeed, from strategy to implementation: hands on, target oriented, working with the people in the organisation, delivering more than expected and making things happen.

Our claim is “do things differently” because we think one of the reasons for the current problems of organisations is that they have continued for too long to continue doing the same things instead of making change part of the DNA of the culture to be ready for new trends and changing customer needs and to ensure continuous success. 

We help airlines, airports, hotels & other hospitality businesses, travel agencies, tour operators, maritime industry, universities, retailers, technology companies, start ups, banks and insurances to transform their business to meet the changing consumer and staff requirements in the digital age, and to turn the new challenges into opportunities rather than threats. 

what we do - leading change in the digital era

Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple and other state of the art tech companies determine more and more our expectations. Customers are changing, both in terms of buying behaviour and loyalty. Companies that will not change will lose to others which do. Check out below what happens in the internet now whilst you are reading this.

We help to transform your business to the digital age, from sales, distribution, revenue management and marketing transformation to HR and the staff journey. True and authentic transformation requires a rethink of how you want your company culture to be and how you can support this by changing the way of working and communicating for your staff. This is why HR transformation and the staff journey is an integral part of what we do. 

Managing change requires a wider approach. We offer mentoring services and bespoke trend analysis for top managers to ensure you are prepared for the future. We help to introduce an innovation culture to replace a "can't do" culture.

We do guest lectures at a number of renowned universities and speak at selected events.

We also organise the "think future" event Hamburg Aviation Conference. It is a global think tank bringing together aviation stakeholders with other industries, technology organisations and science to exchange innovative solutions how to succeed in the current environment and support change strategies in the organisation.

Understanding what your customers really want and how you can fulfil their needs better than others is crucial to succeed in the current market environment. We help to implement customer satisfaction measurement and processes to react to customer feedback, customer journey strategy from as is to a best in class future, innovative loyalty concepts, building customer service of the future, from chatbots to contact centre for added value instead of routine tasks, CRM and customer data handling and more.

Putting the customer at the centre of everything you do - including network development, revenue management and pricing and even analytics and decision support will lead your business to sustainable success.

We do not come with pre-determined models but build a model together tailor made for you and your market environment and culture.  We do not believe in "one for all" approaches, as each organisation needs to find their unique proposition to differentiate and succeed.

We think beyond departments. We think in terms of process and impact rather than check lists and silos. We help to develop sustainable strategies unless of course the assignment is explicitly based on short term targets. 

how we work - bespoke, hands on, with your team

Your business success is our target. We think big and global but we act small to ensure that things really happen, and that there is cost efficiency.

We normally advise to work with people in your existing teams. We believe this is more efficient both to achieve true transformation and impact and in terms of your spend.

We will only bring in additional people and talent where a real need is jointly recognised.  

We introduce a number of collaborative tools during a project to work more efficiently, to improve buy in and ownership, and to already reflect and live the change throughout the project. 


our customers include

  • Air Baltic, Air Dolomiti, Aer Lingus, Aerosvit (now Ukraine International), Air Malta, Avios, British Airways Group, Brussels Airlines / Virgin Express, 

  • Bespoke Framing Solutions, Corner Bank (bonuscard), Country Homes & Castles, ebay, 

  • flyAfrica, Hamburg Airport, HLX / TUI (start up), Datalex, Il Canovaccio (restaurant), 

  • Lufthansa, Lufthansa Italia, Lufthansa Systems, Monarch Airlines, Peach Airlines (Japan), Suva Insurance Company, Ukraine International Airlines,

  • various airline and tech start up