What organisations can learn from Titti the dog

Yesterday we had the great pleasure to meet Titti and her friend Carmelo at St. Peter's Pool in Malta. They have been going to this lovely place in the South of Malta every day for more than 5 years, diving into the water in a perfectly synchronised way. They just get along well with each other, trust each other and are simply a good team.

One day someone took a video watching them, and published it on social media. It got viral. And this is how they started to get known. 

In the meantime, Titti has her own facebook page, reaching more than 5,200 likes in 3 months, an invitation to LA for this January, an appearance on Italian television and more media coverage. 

This is what social media can do. A lesson for any organisation that they cannot ignore this and other digital developments. And that teamwork and trust in people coupled with an open atmosphere to support innovation, trials and new projects can lead to something unforeseen, something great, which cannot always be planned as part of the routine budget cycle. And that the world has changed, requiring change from organisations to achieve sustainable success. Creating a change culture requires transformation in many cases, as most organisations are set up to avoid change and open mindedness. 

We will keep following Titti and Carmelo and wish them good luck for their trip to LA! There will be more great things coming out of this. 

This reminds of the success story of Beatie Wolfe, an artist and songwriter who became famous in the tech world as she published the world's first 3D album. In the meantime she tours the world for Apple, was at the Cebit in Hannover last year, is part of Britain's Great campaign and does a lot of other amazing things. It was not planned but evolved because she was open to this. Beate explained this evolution during her keynote speech at the Hamburg Aviation Conference in February this year. 

At the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2016 we will again bring together airlines, airports, other travel stakeholders, retail and technology organisations as well as science to think future and discuss out of the box solutions how to deal with the dynamic environment.

Please also check Beatie's latest album, Montagu Square.

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