Key recent airport innovations

Airports keep innovating for the benefit of the travellers, sometimes on their own, sometimes in cooperation with airlines.

Most projects include use of technology to facilitate self service or information flow, but also some activities to simply get the magic back to air travel, for example with Helsinki's new-look baggage hall and sleeping pods for transfer travellers.

Here a quick description, but find more details in enclosed article:

  • real time flight tracking introduced by Cork Airport

  • Helsinki's new-look baggage hall, reflecting Finland's natural beauty - and sleeping pods for travellers to improve the transfer experience, but also their partnership with Finnair to turn the runway into a catwalk are quite unique

  • Tigerair airport agents being equipped with iPads to reduce queues and improve the customer experience

  • Malaysia's first fully self-service bag drop system launched by Air Asia and Type 22

  • new bag drop and check in solutions at Madrid through cooperation of Iberia, Aena and Siemens

  • digital business lounge by Aéroports de Paris at Orly

  • automated document authentication at Abu Dhabi airport

  • central security at Amsterdam Schiphol

  • biometric passenger token project at Aruba Airport - to ensure the "happy flow"

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