Flying supermarket becoming a reality?

Would life not be easier if you returned home after a long trip and your fridge was filled? In a cooperation with REWE Lufthansa tries to come closer to this vision. Customers from Germany can order what they need during their flight and choose when they want this to be delivered to their home.


Lufthansa wants to take some stress out of their customers' journey by piloting projects such as this one as part of their digitalisation strategy.


At many airports there are in the meantime supermarkets, which also help customers to buy what they need when arriving home. In 2015 Hamburg Airport introduced the innovative fill my fridge digital shopping service in a cooperation with EDEKA. Customers could pre-order what they needed before returning home, with a full shopping bag waiting for collection when they arrived. However, this service was stopped at a later stage.


Lufthansa continue their pilot project until end of this year. It will be interesting to see customers' acceptance. Maybe the goods will be delivered in the future with robots, for which some other pilot projects currently go on in Silicon Valley.