Travel can become magic again

In San Francisco a range of companies have begun trialling small robots that can deliver food and other goods.

This could open new possibilities for airlines and airports: Skip the catering on board - poor quality, high cost, low margins, problems with flight attendants - and benefit from the high quality food stores at the airport, delivery at gate by a robot. The customer has choice and pays for what she really wants.


Or pre-order something from home - electronic gadgets, perfume etc - and get it delivered at your gate. Or instant order at the airport and get the robot to do the hassle for you. Or think about how wonderful it could be to have porter services with the robot at the airport. Opportunities are endless.


In San Francisco they have put limitations where robots are allowed. But in Japan robots have already become an essential part of daily life. More to come for sure.


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San Francisco to restrict goods delivery robots