The five key technologies you need to know for travel retail to thrive

Ursula Silling, CEO & Founder of XXL Solutions - do things differently, talks about the 5 key technologies you need to know at the Airline Information Ancillaries & Merchandising Conference in Edinburgh on 11th April 2018. Ursula puts the technologies into perspective as an enabler for business targets.

Technology moves from purpose driven to smart. Everything is possible now in terms of technology to differentiate from competition and increase revenues and / or decrease cost. But airlines need to be smart. Abovde all, a total retail mindset is needed to be able to move into this direction.And the people aspect should not be forgotten.

Some airlines make the mistake to just remove people completely. Yet technology can help to focus people on the areas where they can make a real difference.

Ursula also points out that ancillaries should actually not called ancillaries anymore. They represent a key part of airline revenue and should be getting the priority in line wtih this. Maybe one way forward is as does the famous chef Markus Samuelsson - offer vegetables as the main dish and the meat at the side.