Turning the luggage dilemma into an experience

Trvl Porter transforms the way to travel

The innovative start up Trvl Porter was among finalists at Travel Tech Con (TTC) and awarded prize by XXL Solutions

Trvl Porter is a company transforming the way that people travel by eliminating luggage and lending a personalized, pre-styled wardrobe awaiting travellers at their destination, a taste of local design included. It was selected among the 15 finalists from 100 plus startup companies and subsequently pitched at the Travel Tech Con event in San Francisco June 7 - 9, 2018. It was awarded a prize for startup and growth support by the renowned global aviation and travel consultancy XXL Solutions.

Stefanie Nissen, Founder & CEO at Trvl Porter is honoured to receive this recognition in this critical growth period. “The opportunity to present our business model to the travel industry was crucial for validating that our concept has real potential to succeed. The future of mobility is changing and that will also change the way you travel. Our service is one that already addresses the changes.” Stefanie gives more details about out this all works in her interview at TTC in San Francisco.

Luggage has become a key revenue stream for airlines, yet it remains a key pain point at the same time particularly for travellers. Whilst there are trends towards self-tagging or check in from home it causes stressful moments to prepare and a lot of additional wasted time in check-in queues and at conveyor belts at arrival - apart from ever increasing cost, both with low cost and legacy carriers. For longhaul flights between Europe and the US for example, seat cost can easily add up to $100 one way. And in spite of this, in case of luggage mishandling processes do prove a nightmare for customers and airline staff alike.

Delta Airlines spent $50 million on tech in 2016 that promised to more efficiently route checked luggage to its destination, via RFID tracking or radio frequency identification. But can RFID really solve one of the most annoying things about air travel? A mishandled piece of luggage costs an airline about $100 per bag. Yet the share of mishandled bag has gone down significantly and is far below 1%.

There is also a trend that given the high luggage fees customers check in less and less luggage. Yet airlines keep counting on luggage fees as a key income. A dangerous game to play given alternatives such as Trvl Porter on the horizon. 

If you calculate the cost of luggage in terms of fuel cost, a 15 kg suitcase will lead to about $18 cost (details see here). The real fees for booking such a suitcase are much higher.  In terms of carbon footprint, there is an additional 0.4 kg carbon emission cost per pound of airplane weight of approximately 1,000 miles flight distance.

So it seems to be really worthwhile to think about each piece of clothes to take with you on a flight. Trvl porter could be the ideal solution not only for stress reduction and a cool customer experience, but also for sustainability. 

“Customers expect continuous enhancements to their travel experience. The personal style concierge coupled with the fact that your wardrobe will be waiting for you at your destination instead of having to waste time and effort preparing your luggage is a great opportunity to add some magic back to the travel experience. And we are proud to support this innovative startup team.” comments Ursula Silling, Founder & CEO at XXL Solutions.


About Trvl Porter

Trvl Porter is your personal style concierge for travel. They lend a pre-styled wardrobe based on your style/ fit preferences and trip details directly to your hotel destination. Stefanie Nissen, CEO & Founder of Trvl Porter, has an extensive background in the fashion industry working as a fashion designer, then owning a style consulting firm and working with multiple fashion tech startups. The concept came about after an airline lost her luggage.


About XXL Solutions - do things differently

XXL Solutions is a renowned global boutique consultancy specialised in helping the aviation and travel industry to innovate and transform, with a focus on modern commercial and digital strategies. Ursula Silling, CEO & Founder at XXL Solutions, has been working in senior management and executive team roles among others at Lufthansa Group, at British Airways, Virgin Group, TUI and others for more than 20 years before starting her own business. XXL Solutions also organises think future - Hamburg Aviation Conference. 

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