Amazon starts selling flights in India - do airlines miss the trick?

Ryanair had declared they wanted to become the “Amazon of the air”.

Lots of speculations have been around if Amazon ever was going to enter the travel space. They are starting their own cargo airline - and they are even building an airport. But their own travel project had been abandoned some years ago.

Now they go for a different approach - they start selling flights in India - through a cooperation with ClearTrip. What will this mean for airlines? Can we imagine a future where the biggest airlines will just be a department of Amazon, Google & Co? And they will just do the flight operations as digital retailers have taken over the value chain, thinking like a retailer and using technology in a smart way to make things happen?

Or will airlines get their act together and start acting like tech companies and thinking like digital retailers? They did make it easy for OTAs to grow. The ones understanding best the customer needs will win.