Don’t be afraid of leaving the comfort zone and experience how effective it is to work with agile suppliers

XXL Solutions` CEO Ursula Silling moderated a panel with four super innovative and super smart best-of-breed providers for the airline industry at the IATA AIR in Rome in October 2018. Alexander von Bernstorff at inteRES, Hélène Millet at Conztanz, Peter Schoeber at LHSystems and Urs Kipfer at Datatrans demonstrated how they could deliver more speed AND more innovation compared to one-stop-shop vendors, with smart solutions based on NDC and ONE Order.

Questions covered were among others how best-of-breed solutions can create value for airlines, What are the challenge to overcome to deliver? How could they unlock innovation envisioned by NDC & ONE Order?

The final recommendation to airlines from the panel members were as follows:

"The technology is there. Go and start implementing it, with pilots."

"Pick the right partners, which are flexible and have the right service attitude."

"We are likely to stay with this NDC world and the old world co-existing for a while - do not fear the transition, experienced vendors know about it. Let’s go for it."

"Don’t be afraid of leaving the comfort zine and experience how effective it is to work with agile suppliers."

Conclusions from our side: There are huge opportunities of working with best of breed organisations, they can offer lots of flexibility, mix and match and allow to go ahead and do what airlines want to do.

It is a bigger risk not to go ahead than just going for it and seizing the opportunity, with pilots and agile implementation. Airlines can move ahead now, today, thanks to IATA NDC and one order and specialised suppliers such as these four best of breed ones. #innovation #agile #TravelRetail #ancillaries #airlines

The full version streamed . by IATA can be watched here.

#innovation #agile #TravelRetail #ancillaries #airlines #iata