BigBlank - the new AirFrance/KLM start up studio to build the future of travel

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Air France/KLM have just launched BigBlank, their startup studio to foster travel innovation. They aim to implement their first startup in spring 2019.

A number of airports, airlines and other travel stakeholders have taken similar initiatives in recent years. IAG launched hangar 51 in 2016, Emirates Group has Intelak, Etihad works with Abu Dhabi Fikra Labs, EasyJet joined Founders Factory and JetBlue created JetBlue Ventures  Lufthansa has its Innovation Hub.

Airports have taken similar activities: Paris Group ADP innovation hub, San Diego’s innovation lab, Changi Living Lab, Dublin airport’s future factory and MAG technology arm are some examples.   

Success is not yet proven. Madebymany did some research to understand best practice and critical success factors for this kind of initiative.

David Parfett, Head of Group Innovation and Ventures at Qantas Group gives his take on the Avro accelerator project iwith Slingshot.  Yet beginning of November 2018 Qantas announced that they were going to re-integrate the functions back to individual business units after 2 years of operation  

Let’s hope that we will soon see some ground breaking changes to adapt decades old processes to the current age.