Faster ways to IATA fast travel

This interview by 15below with Ursula Silling, Founder & CEO at XXL Solutions, looks at the benefits of initiatives like IATA Fast Travel and how it can help scale your business in an objective and sustainable way.

What are the key drivers for initiatives like Fast Travel?

“To put it simply, initiatives like Fast Travel are driven by customer demand. This demand, in turn, is influenced by mass changes in human behaviour - by changes in lifestyle, age, culture, technology and communication. It is a constant cycle in which technology influences behaviour and creates new expectations. These expectations then determine the future technologies we create and adopt.

Being competitive in this industry is about understanding your customer’s demand and what he or she assumes as a given, how this fits into the travel journey, and what is the fastest, most delightful, way to deliver this to them.”

“To start with, identify what success means for your specific business and market environment, and how you will measure it.  It’s good to have big ambitions, but essential to have clear, well-structured priorities and actionable steps to pave the way.

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