Customer experience revolution = revenue revolution!

Managing disruption and customer service in the social age

Over 2 hours per day spent on social networks and messaging. The global SMS system peaked at maybe 20bn messages a day. WhatsApp and WeChat combined are now at over 100 bn.

In the US alone more than 93million people do already use digital assistants. And more eye opening figures in this infograph published by 15below

And you still have doubts whether it is worth investing in a revolutionary customer experience? We think it is a must. And it will lead to a revenue revolution at the same time.

Join 15below, Blacklane, Branchspace, flynas and others to discuss innovative ideas to make a difference and how to make them happen... 

...and many more hot topics and tech you need to know to inform your priorities and your results in 2018 and beyond.

8 - 9 February 2018 at   think future - Hamburg Aviation Conference