The world wide web turns 30

The world wide web turns 30 - and Facebook encounters the biggest outage ever at the same time

In March 1989 Sir Tim Berners-Lee,  computer scientist at the Cern particle physics lab near Geneva submitted a proposal to his boss who scrawled "vague but exciting" on the document.

This idea led to the birth of the world wide web. 30 years later the Cambridge Analytics scandal and other fake news shed some concerns on this great idea which changed the world. 

Mariéme Jamme, the first black woman on the board of the World Wide Web Foundation, and tech entrepreneur Roya Mahboob, from Afghanistan, both take a very positive view of what the web has done for them.

And the world turns to China, with a thriving internet culture yet underlying Government restrictions. 

Listen to the interview with Sir Tim Berners-Lee in the BBC Podcast and Tech Tent series.