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—  our “customer & people 1st” menu  —

customer inside starter


- LOYALTY special - RETAIL / ancillaries amazon style

extract of customer management related projects that we have done with various organisations -  via project management, interim management, workshops and / or mentoring


Customer inside starter

— satisfaction measurement ecosystem —
for clients&staff, NPS (NetPromoterScore)  
real time feedback eco system, action plans

—  meet the customer —
get management close to the customer
meetings, online sessions, calls

—  research  —
ask the customer, data analysis, dark data, crowdsourcing, household panels & more

—  one customer view —
bring the fragmented data together to enable your staff to deliver


Customer experience platter

— touch point review —
as is analysis along the customer journey, identification of
pain points, to be strategy, quick wins & structural change

—  process simplification, automation, KPIs  —
adjustment across departments, along  
whole customer journey, definition of target KPIs

—  customer contact centre  —
strategy, implementation
technology incl. home workers, monitoring

—  new service concepts  —
real time staff feedback & continuous improvement
knowledge management, one view of the customer ...


Loyalty special

— global trend watch —
across industries, by objective
successes, failures, innovations

—  review program parametres  —
in line with targets & strategy
commercial effectivness

—  new loyalty approach  —
strategy, implementation
technology, monitoring

—  new loyalty concepts  —
frequent buyer instead of frequent flyer
subscriptions, social media based  & more  

—  innovation your way  —
check out our innovation club !

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—  retail menu amazon style  —

tailor made, making a difference

from ancillary to core revenue

from a "me too" experience to a unique experience

—  identification of quick wins & long term strategy  —
services with highest return & low implementation time
long term differentiator in line with strategy & channel split

—  finetuning existing services  —
dynamic pricing, revenue management, benchmarking & adjusting product attributes
improving presentation & marketing of services, analysis & action points

—  travel related retail approach  —
own services - basis, up-sell, cross-sell, 3rd party, specification
change process, technology, choice, innovation, analysis

—  Amazon of the air  —
frequent buyer, marketplace, full retailer
technology, services, delivery, feedback

—  commercial optimisation  —
reporting, integration in results / revenue management
governance, management attention, profitabability

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