Dominik Ross - always going the extra mile

Dominik Ross - always going the extra mile


Dominik Ross

Project Manager at XXL Solutions, CEO at uniforce Consulting, MBA student at Klagenfurt University

About Dominik Ross: Flexible and efficient, critical and fresh

What - human resource management, air traffic management, research in the areas of loyalty and customer experience,  market and trend watch, event management

Who -  Currently an MBA student in Klagenfurt, Austria, who is committed to innovation and efficient ways of working in an international environment. A unique blend of work experience with Berlin Airports and current international studies accompanied by work for XXL Solutions and uniforce consulting as well as on an ad hoc basis for his previous employer, Berlin Airports. 

Dominik knows aviation in detail through his work and previous apprenticeship Air Traffic Management Assistant with Berlin Airports. He learnt a lot about change management due to the problems related to the opening of the new airport and his work in the Human Resources Department.  Dominik speaks fluent German (native), English, French, Spanish and basic Mandarin. 

To relax, Dominik enjoys running, rowing, travelling and cooking. 

Where –  Dominik studied in Portsmouth, UK and Münster, Germany and graduated with an outstanding BA degree in 2017. He currently works on his MBA at Klagenfurt University, Austria. 

Why – Working in a team and achieving change through leadership and well organised transformation is what makes Dominik run. 

Specialties - human resource management, research and organisational leadership