We look for someone to help us initiate a project and then just be available for some regular guidance and challenging, or ad hoc questions. Is that something you do?

Yes, absolutely. We can initiate a project with a workshop only or even by helping you for the first four weeks and then follow up as needed. And given modern communication technologies it is even very easy to do with video conferencing etc to keep the momentum.

Which working methodologies do you use? Do you do project management or interim management, or do you only develop strategies?

We go all the way - from strategy to implementation. We work with the people in your organisation because we believe this is crucial to make change happen. We can help with additional expertise to support in specific areas if needed. Project management, interim management, ad hoc advisory or specialist support are possibilities of how we can get engaged. We also run workshops, webinars, presentations to tackle specific subjects for the various target groups in your organisation.

How do you introduce the measurement of customer satisfaction?

Ideally we like to build a holistic approach, starting with the introduction of NPS - Net Promoter Score to ensure a fast real time feedback from customers. This needs to be channeled directly to the relevant departments to ensure that action is taken. Ideally there will also be some regular household panel feedback, special focus groups related to specific subjects, field work all the time and analysis of data and customer behaviour across the different channels.

To really make this powerful it requires a customer focused culture, starting from the board up to every single staff member. Typically it is best to start small but fast and gradually grow this.


we want to choose some new technology for our retailing activity. But we do not know the latest technologies out there.

We can define with you the vision, or challenge and help enhance your vision of retailing and define key use cases to understand what you are really looking for. We can then for example plan pilots where you can see, touch and feel the capabilities of the different vendors out there within a couple of days. Or we can do a complete market and trends update together and evaluate together the various options for the solutions and how to best introduce them for your environment.

which methodologies do you use to support us to create an innovation culture?

We like to work with design thinking and agile methodologies. We believe this is a very effective way in the current dynamic environment of creating and developing ideas, but also making them happen.

We can also help HR to develop a clear strategy to foster interactive communication and collaboration as part of an innovation culture, including the choice of the right technologies for your specific environment to enable this. A review of organisation design and talent development and making this happen (with very low budgets) is what we can also help with, too.

We also believe that to think out of the box you need to get a good view of what is happening elsewhere. We can make a proposal for specific events and market activities to watch and attend. Our innovation club is also the perfect means to understand what is going on and help you to evolve your culture.

Do you help to set up a customer servicing strategy, for example a modern approach to a customer call centre?

Definitely. This is another area where opportunities thanks to technology are endless to engage staff with different languages yet working from home. To automate repetitive items and focus on the human interaction where differentiation is possible and more. Key is to understand what you want to achieve, and to clearly define processes and responses. All the way through.