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the management team and the people we work with

We are a very lean team because of our philosophy to work with our clients' people rather than bringing in lots of external people. The core team consists of Ursula Silling (Founder and CEO), Rolf Kuster (Managing Partner), Dominik Ross (Research, Event Manager, Project Manager).

Our hand picked associates are based in the UK, Spain and Italy for Europe, HongKong, Melbourne and Auckland for Asia Pacific, US & Canada for North America, Chile and Brazil for South America. 

For technology implementation we also work with developers in Ukraine and Belarus, and we do crowdsourcing projects to add extra innovation. We have included below details about a small selection of our team. 


Photo by Robin Kater, taken at the Hamburg Aviation Conference '17

Photo by Robin Kater, taken at the Hamburg Aviation Conference '17

Ursula Silling

Founder & CEO

About Ursula Silling: Passionate about customers, visionary and innovator, making things happen in the digital age


What – commercial strategy, digital transformation and change management, modern revenue management and pricing, customer experience management, loyalty, retailing, ancillaries and product development, modern network planning methodologies, sales transformation, marketing and distribution and new technologies as enabler for an agile commercial strategy. Other activities include customised market and trend watch, research in the areas of loyalty and innovation, conference organisation. Mentoring and Coaching.


Who - A unique blend of academic and strategic, vast experience in all commercial areas and different countries and cultures, she has spent more than 20 years with key players in the aviation industry, covering different business models and countries. She started her own consultancy and outsourcing company XXL Solutions in 2010, with a focus on customer, technology, new revenue models and innovation.

Ursula held senior executive positions with Lufthansa Passenger Services and Lufthansa Systems, British Airways, Virgin Express, Brussels Airlines, the TUI group and Aerosvit Ukrainian Airlines. Since she founded XXL Solutions he worked on projects including Aer Lingus, Lufthansa Italia, Monarch Airlines, Air Malta, Peach Airlines (Japan), Hamburg Airport as well as ebay, banks and insurances.

She also has an academic life replete with lots of theorizing, writing. and (guest) lecturing about all this stuff. She organises the Hamburg Aviation Conference, bringing aviation together with different industries and science to think future. She is a renowned speaker at a number of conferences and business events.

Ursula lives what she believes in, and her work is an integral part of her life. To relax, she enjoys spending time with her Italian husband, road cycling, sailing, painting and playing the piano. She also loves socialising in an international circle of family and friends. She speaks fluent German (native), English, French, Italian and good Spanish and Dutch as well as basic Russian. 


Where – Her company and main base is Switzerland, but Ursula spends most of the time where her customers are. Her main areas of activities include Europe, Asia, Russia and Africa.


Why – The sheer passion of making things happen with people and using all the opportunities that the digital age offers to create a win-win-win solution to every situation.


Specialties - do things differently

Motivating teams and helping them to embrace change. Designing and implementing business process change and innovation programs. Working with the organisation's teams to develop and implement custom made solutions and to achieve cultural change and ownership. Helping organisations to succeed in the current dynamic environment and to turn the challenges of the digital age into opportunities. 

Check out Ursula's profile on linkedin and connect with her here





Photo by Robin Kater, taken at the Hamburg Aviation Conference '17

Photo by Robin Kater, taken at the Hamburg Aviation Conference '17

Dominik Ross

Project Manager

About Dominik Ross: Flexible and efficient, critical and fresh

What - human resource management, air traffic management, research in the areas of loyalty and customer experience,  market and trend watch, event management

Who -  Currently a student who is committed to innovation and efficient ways of working in an international environment. A unique blend of work experience with Berlin Airports and current international studies accompanied by work for XXL Solutions and during his summer vacation also for his previous employer Berlin Airports. 


Dominik knows aviation in detail through his work and previous apprenticeship Air Traffic Management Assistant with Berlin Airports. He learnt a lot about change management due to the problems related to the opening of the new airport and his work in the Human Resources Department.  Dominik speaks fluent German (native), English, French, Spanish and basic Mandarin. 

To relax, Dominik enjoys running, rowing, travelling and cooking. 


Where –  Dominik studies in Portsmouth, UK and Münster, Germany.


Why – Working in a team and achieving change through leadership and well organised transformation is what makes Dominik run. 


Specialties - human resource management, research and organisational leadership







Rolf Kuster

Managing Partner

About Rolf Kuster: banker and entrepreneur, excellent planner and organiser with a fresh mindset


What - wealth management on a global basis, special asset management, family office services, business planning and start up support, asset protection / controlling, operations, merchandising and administration - the latter are also the main tasks that Rolf performs for XXL Solutions. He speaks German as a native language as well as good English, Italian and French. 


Who - more than 30 years experience in banking, operations and business services. Rolf started his own business 20 years ago and looks after a diverse portfolio of international clients. He has a banking and economic background, covering regional and international companies. His educational background is higher education in banking, asset management and business planning in Switzerland. 

Rolf is married with Gabi. He has 2 grown up sons, one working in bankin, the other one in a legal office. Apart from his family Rolf spends his spare time with cattle breeding and his dog. 


Where - Rolf is based in Chur, Switzerland, but he travels for his customers as required


Why - achieving the best and managing change is what gets Rolf out of bed every day


Specialties - wealth management and family office, operations and start ups