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XXL Solutions believes in collaboration and efficiency. We share our offices in the new business area in Chur with other companies, ensuring a good cost position and fostering exchange and out of the box thinking. 

get in touch with xxl solutions - we do have an office but we are hardly there, rather travelling around the world to see our customers. We do not just talk about digital - we do it!

We are based in the heart of Europe, Switzerland. Our team is international and spread across all countries, and we spend most of the time on our clients' premises. 

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s ursulas13

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In the digital age and times of co-working and shared economy it does not count where your physical office is, or even if you have one - it is all about mobile and co-working. We are mobile and travel a lot to be with our customers, but we also have a beautiful (shared) office in the Swiss mountains, easy to travel worldwide and worth a visit even for hiking or skiing ;) This is our address:

XXL Solutions GmbH

Comercialstr. 34

CH - 7000 Chur



XXL Solutions office Chur