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—  Start up advisory crunch  —

Where to go? How to find the right customer? How to be heard?

— customer inside: understand your customers —
learn about the specifics of airlines and airports - legacy, processes, decision making, the why and how of current working practices, pain points and opportunities

—  creating a wow: product development —
which areas to focus on and what are the must haves, nice to haves and game changers
how to differentiate from competition

—  the outfit: corporate identity and brand architecture  —
how best to position yourself in the marketplace, determine the brand essence and what you stand for
how to get heard and make a difference with a holistic positioning

—  getting heard: marketing & sales plan —
state of the art sales and marketing strategy - smart, loud, authentic
understanding your potential and decide about your focus

—  getting serious: customer acquisition  —
decide which customers could be best to start with and how to approach them, get introductions
be realistic yet ambitious, make a difference, get your foot in the door

—  team for teams: talent —
getting support finding the right talent
students, specialists with a lot of experience, sales / marketing support

— get funding: building your business plan & finding investors —
build realistic business cases and growth scenarios - quality above quantity
identify healthy opportunities, regional specialties, realistic plans, success stories