—  making technology happen: our “tech cocktails”  —

Technology is part of everything nowadays. But we have to make sure that we use it to help us to do what we want to do - and be very clear about our use cases. 

The good news: It is not about being able to invest a lot of money anymore, it is just about being smart and thinking through how you can make a difference and create awareness. And then decide how technology can support you to achieve this in the right way.

We can help to set up the criteria to choose your technology, we can just accompany the process with advise, or we can manage the whole tender and / or implementation. You decide what works best for you. We have developed a unique process based on value and scenario building rather than long lists of functionality which is meaningless in this dynamic environment. Please find our menu of projects where the focus was to select and / or implement new technology - we do this via project management, interim management, workshops, trend updates and / or advisory services.

Tech cocktails

—  Dark & Stormy: PSS / CSS & more distribution  —
CSS /PSS (Customer Service Systems, previously named Passenger Services Systems) and distribution strategy for airlines
future proof, change management - instead of just adding new technology to continue old processes

—  Bright & Cool: digitalisation  —
digitalisation, eCommerce, web and mobile solutions, social media that make a difference
seamless customer AND staff experience, smart & cost efficient tools to transform fast, piece by piece

—  Loud & Shiny: sales transformation —
sales strategy, sales support solutions, sales reporting, and sales transformation services with high adaptability
CRM & pipeline management for all channels, groups & tour operator management incl. ancillary sales, cross-country teams, sales Blitzes

—  Up & Away; revenue management transformation  —
processes & technology for the 21st century, revenue management & pricing based on customer specifics, channel relevant, promotional flexibility
forward looking not just backward, forecasting, groups and tour operator solutions

—  Black & Beautiful: customer experience management —
from CRM to personalisation, irregularity management, self servicing, promotion management, loyalty, contact centre
omni-channel, sales, travel retail, servicing, notification, communication, knowledge management, predictive analytics

—  Everything & Now: reporting & analytics —
streamlined reporting, adaptable to answer specific questions, real time
automation - focus on analysis and action, not on generating the data, forward looking, in control of the future

—  Walk & Talk: HR Management —
many to many communication, collaboration, self learning, empowered
knowledge management, automation, personalisation, mobile, collaborative

—  Plan & Fly: Network Development for the digital age —
analysis based on all channels, customer segment based, profitability focused, always up to date about competition, adaptable & smart
competitor watch, channel and market based information, scenario modelling, slot management automation

—  Know & ride: Which technology do you need to know about —
trend watch and market know how to understand which tech to look out for
workshops, subscription monitoring and trend watch, mentoring