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—  our “customer & people 1st” menu  —

customer inside starter


- LOYALTY special - RETAIL / ancillaries amazon style

extract of customer management related projects that we have done with various organisations -  via project management, interim management, workshops and / or mentoring


Customer inside starter

— satisfaction measurement ecosystem —
for clients&staff, NPS (NetPromoterScore)  
real time feedback eco system, action plans

—  meet the customer —
get management close to the customer
meetings, online sessions, calls

—  research  —
ask the customer, data analysis, dark data, crowdsourcing, household panels & more

—  one customer view —
bring the fragmented data together to enable your staff to deliver


Customer experience platter

— touch point review —
as is analysis along the customer journey, identification of
pain points, to be strategy, quick wins & structural change

—  process simplification, automation, KPIs  —
adjustment across departments, along  
whole customer journey, definition of target KPIs

—  customer contact centre  —
strategy, implementation
technology incl. home workers, monitoring

—  new service concepts  —
real time staff feedback & continuous improvement
knowledge management, one view of the customer ...


Loyalty special

— global trend watch —
across industries, by objective
successes, failures, innovations

—  review program parametres  —
in line with targets & strategy
commercial effectivness

—  new loyalty approach  —
strategy, implementation
technology, monitoring

—  new loyalty concepts  —
frequent buyer instead of frequent flyer
subscriptions, social media based  & more  

—  innovation your way  —
check out our innovation club !

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—  retail menu amazon style  —

tailor made, making a difference

from ancillary to core revenue

from a "me too" experience to a unique experience

—  identification of quick wins & long term strategy  —
services with highest return & low implementation time
long term differentiator in line with strategy & channel split

—  finetuning existing services  —
dynamic pricing, revenue management, benchmarking & adjusting product attributes
improving presentation & marketing of services, analysis & action points

—  travel related retail approach  —
own services - basis, up-sell, cross-sell, 3rd party, specification
change process, technology, choice, innovation, analysis

—  Amazon of the air  —
frequent buyer, marketplace, full retailer
technology, services, delivery, feedback

—  commercial optimisation  —
reporting, integration in results / revenue management
governance, management attention, profitabability

WOW effects




—  making technology happen: our “tech cocktails”  —

Technology is part of everything nowadays. But we have to make sure that we use it to help us to do what we want to do - and be very clear about our use cases. 

The good news: It is not about being able to invest a lot of money anymore, it is just about being smart and thinking through how you can make a difference and create awareness. And then decide how technology can support you to achieve this in the right way.

We can help to set up the criteria to choose your technology, we can just accompany the process with advise, or we can manage the whole tender and / or implementation. You decide what works best for you. We have developed a unique process based on value and scenario building rather than long lists of functionality which is meaningless in this dynamic environment. Please find our menu of projects where the focus was to select and / or implement new technology - we do this via project management, interim management, workshops, trend updates and / or advisory services.

Tech cocktails

—  Dark & Stormy: PSS / CSS & more distribution  —
CSS /PSS (Customer Service Systems, previously named Passenger Services Systems) and distribution strategy for airlines
future proof, change management - instead of just adding new technology to continue old processes

—  Bright & Cool: digitalisation  —
digitalisation, eCommerce, web and mobile solutions, social media that make a difference
seamless customer AND staff experience, smart & cost efficient tools to transform fast, piece by piece

—  Loud & Shiny: sales transformation —
sales strategy, sales support solutions, sales reporting, and sales transformation services with high adaptability
CRM & pipeline management for all channels, groups & tour operator management incl. ancillary sales, cross-country teams, sales Blitzes

—  Up & Away; revenue management transformation  —
processes & technology for the 21st century, revenue management & pricing based on customer specifics, channel relevant, promotional flexibility
forward looking not just backward, forecasting, groups and tour operator solutions

—  Black & Beautiful: customer experience management —
from CRM to personalisation, irregularity management, self servicing, promotion management, loyalty, contact centre
omni-channel, sales, travel retail, servicing, notification, communication, knowledge management, predictive analytics

—  Everything & Now: reporting & analytics —
streamlined reporting, adaptable to answer specific questions, real time
automation - focus on analysis and action, not on generating the data, forward looking, in control of the future

—  Walk & Talk: HR Management —
many to many communication, collaboration, self learning, empowered
knowledge management, automation, personalisation, mobile, collaborative

—  Plan & Fly: Network Development for the digital age —
analysis based on all channels, customer segment based, profitability focused, always up to date about competition, adaptable & smart
competitor watch, channel and market based information, scenario modelling, slot management automation

—  Know & ride: Which technology do you need to know about —
trend watch and market know how to understand which tech to look out for
workshops, subscription monitoring and trend watch, mentoring




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—  innovation & future à la carte  —

Innovation and thinking future is not a choice anymore - it needs to become part of the DNA. Airlines, airports and other travel stakeholders have all moved into the same direction, leading to further pressure on revenue and margins. Customer loyalty is changing, and efficiency is more critical than ever. 

Organisations need to do things differently in order to succeed. How to lead innovation and change in the digital era, how to build an agile organisation?  We can help to transform - via project management, subscriptions, interim management, workshops, events and / or mentoring. Check out our innovation club as well.

Innovation & future readyness Menu

—  let’s think tank, hackathon, innovation workshop - for example think future: Hamburg Aviation Conference   —
join us at our annual think tank in Hamburg to learn about latest trends, case studies and thought leadership
we also organise hackathons, at your premises to create a proof of concept tailored to your specific needs, we do innovation workshops with your top management, board or across departments

—  trend select special across industries, future scenarios    —
learn what's happening globally, indicators for change and what this could mean for your business
regular trend reports with recommendations of action points relevant for your specific environment, plan with steps to take to be ready for the future

—  training simple & smart main course: digital /personal / remote, webinars, workshops, design thinking, design sprints, mentoring   —
learn how to approach innovation in your organisation
specific techniques, how to get buy in from the team, which technology to use to support the process & more

— getting juicy: human touch, internal processes & reward systems   —
set innovation goals build processes to find a home for innovative ideas from staff and customers
prioritisation process and criteria, change management, company culture, stakeholders

—  let’s do innovate tapas —
one innovation a month - or a quarter; build a plan to incorporate this
organisational setup & deisng, building the right team, empowerment, agile - short implementation times, trial and error, innovation workshop(s) 
change management, mentoring to support the team on an ongoing or ad ho basis, idea factory, implementation support
benchmarking, best practices across industries

— simple and spicy: innovation club membership —

for travel and aviation stakeholders, start ups, innovative tech companies, universities

tailor made trends for you, curated start ups and tech introduction for your needs

start up support- the right product and getting heard

and more






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—  Start up advisory crunch  —

Where to go? How to find the right customer? How to be heard?

— customer inside: understand your customers —
learn about the specifics of airlines and airports - legacy, processes, decision making, the why and how of current working practices, pain points and opportunities

—  creating a wow: product development —
which areas to focus on and what are the must haves, nice to haves and game changers
how to differentiate from competition

—  the outfit: corporate identity and brand architecture  —
how best to position yourself in the marketplace, determine the brand essence and what you stand for
how to get heard and make a difference with a holistic positioning

—  getting heard: marketing & sales plan —
state of the art sales and marketing strategy - smart, loud, authentic
understanding your potential and decide about your focus

—  getting serious: customer acquisition  —
decide which customers could be best to start with and how to approach them, get introductions
be realistic yet ambitious, make a difference, get your foot in the door

—  team for teams: talent —
getting support finding the right talent
students, specialists with a lot of experience, sales / marketing support

— get funding: building your business plan & finding investors —
build realistic business cases and growth scenarios - quality above quantity
identify healthy opportunities, regional specialties, realistic plans, success stories




Welcome to the xxl innovation club

beyond the buzz - curated, impactful, authentic, independent

You are an airline, airport, rail company, hotel or other travel organisation and want to innovate and transform to be fit for the digital age? You want to understand what valid innovative solutions and start ups are out there to consider for your future development?

you are an innovative tech company or start up and look for more visibility or feedback and support?

you are a university which wants to work closely with the industry?

we can be your smart lab and make innovation happen

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We live in an era when digital objects communicate with each other, high street retailers closing down, old business models do not work any more, known paradigms are not valid anymore and businesses struggle how to adapt. We help to focus in this fast moving environment.

Contact us to learn more.